I'm happy, Thatcher is dead.

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The best program is the one you write.

0. News

Mar 4, 2014: a new song! If the prime minister of Turkey doesn't resign after that...

Dec 5, 2013: new versions of my scrabble and kelimelik hacks popped up out of nowhere.

Dec 3, 2013: hey! let me pretend I understand something about debugging!

Nov 22, 2013: what a crazy month, huh? Some more stuff around scrabble. An automatic player (what? cheater?) for a thing called kelimelik is there.

Nov 20, 2013: oh my! the virtual drum machine decided it wanted to be compiled by modern gcc and came out with version 0.4! How insane...

1. Code

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2. Some hacks, stuff...

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3. Music

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