Basic fact one: there is no god.
Basic fact two: there is no value.
What is your take? Will we get rid of those crazy ideas some day?

I'm happy, Thatcher is dead.

Some stuff

The best program is the one you write.

0. News

Oct 8, 2017: Woo! A new version of my mini FTP server that works with recursive directories and whatever-filenames. The problem is that FTP does not work with "whatever-filenames". They have to be 7 bits in the basic version and there is an RFC to let it work with UTF8 filenames. What the fuck... A filename is anything but "/" that is used as separator, and also without 0 as it is an end-of-string in C, and live with that. This world is insane. (I am sure some shit committee made it as it is today, for some "vendor neutral" crap shit, because some, say Microsoft, don't deal with filenames as everyone else. Not even sure there is such a thing as "everyone else". Bah, fuck them all. FTP sucks anyway.) (If you don't understand anything you can be proud of yourself, you have a life!)

Apr 17, 2017: chess is there! A graphical program to play against the computer chess program stockfish.

Mar 12, 2017: orangetv 1.6 is there! This version should work much better. (I love copy/paste.) I did not announce 1.5! WHAT? BUT THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL! Wait...

Dec 27, 2016: orangetv 1.4 is there! This version should work much better.

Nov 12, 2016: (sorry english readers, it's all in french this time) je viens de finir un pti texte inutile que je propose à ta sagacité, chère lectrice. Ou pas. En fait je m'en branle, tout ça c'est de la merde, mais quand même, la démocratie c'est vraiment bien de la merde !

Oct 26, 2016: I released my first composition for classic guitar. Played like shit. Very basic. It's my first, next should be more interesting. Give me a few years.

0.5 Simple programs

Those are simple but efficient programs of mine.

All in the public domain.

First category of the website, because this is very important. Programs must be simple so that you can create, understand, use and modify them with ease.

A computer is a machine that you program, never forget that, despite all the propaganda that reaches your brain on a daily basis.

1. Programs

Alphabetical order.

All is released in the public domain unless stated otherwise.

2. Some hacks, stuff...

More or less reverse time order.

3. Music

4. Technical texts

5. Random stuff


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