I'm happy, Thatcher is dead.

I'm sad, Grothendieck is dead.

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The best program is the one you write.

0. News

Oct 8, 2014: I made a little NFS2 server, because I can. (Hackish, useless, but who cares?)

Sep 21, 2014: I wrote a small bootloader to load linux on my 486 from the network. I didn't dig the web but I strongly suspect this thing to be the smallest network bootloader for linux in this useless universe.

Sep 05, 2014: some documentation to boot a debian system on an old 486, because oh my god! that was such a pain in the brain!

Jun 01, 2014: a patch for some obscure ROM from an obscure mostly unexisting old computer that gives weird results in an emulator of the thing. You may keep breathing. (Keywords: commodore v364, speech module, VICE emulator, xplus4, spk3cc4.bin.)

May 31, 2014: this is a little hack to plot binary tree on your screen. I wanted to analyze that crazy compression routine in spk3cc4.bin and needed a little quick tool to plot a binary tree. It took longer to write than I thought (let's say five hours instead of one expected)... Finally I found out that the tables in spk3cc4.bin are stored as what is called "canonical huffman code". It was a nice journey in some old 8 bits code. And now I know how to deal with that funny data structure. Binary trees won't cease to be amazing little creatures.

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