I'm happy, Thatcher is dead.

I'm sad, Grothendieck is dead.

Some stuff

The best program is the one you write.

0. News

Jul 3, 2016: I bought a cheap computer, it's a pain to update the EC firmware, so here is some stuff. Why do they force us to use shit operating systems?

Nov 8, 2015: miniftp-1.c has landed from the madness of RFC 959! Or is it from my brain? That thing is heavily insecure, don't use it! Not tested much. Well, so be it.

Sep 19, 2015: Oh my! player 0.7 is there! Debian testing put ffmpeg back as it seems (and thus my program didn't work properly anymore) (not that I was calling ffmpeg correctly in the first place...). There is some sanity in this world. Some.

Sep 13, 2015: audiotag 0.6 is there! Oh my! How excited I feel! Just a minor bug fixed. And I'm not even sure that the fix is correct. You care? really? Please, behave.

Jul 28, 2015: I wrote another exercise for the lazy guitarists out there who try to learn the notes on the guitar. The thing is it's useless. Just pick up your guitar and learn. There is no other way. Your computer is useless for that, even maybe counterproductive. Bah, so be it. I guess this little release concludes my journey with "computer stuff for guitarists". Let me focus on that tonal thing. There is some good stuff to learn in there. And this might well be extremely useful for me to go some nice places in this funky journey. See you in ten years with some nice music I'll spit to the face of the world! Or not.

May 12, 2015: compose just landed here. I have a lot of music in my brain. I need some structure to spit it out. Tonal stuff might be it. So I started to write a little program to help me write/study tonal music (classical music if you prefer). Let's see where it goes... (No, gcomposer won't do it. Too bloated and limited at the same time. Go figure...)

0.5 Simple programs

Those are simple but efficient programs of mine.

All in the public domain.

First category of the website, because this is very important. Programs must be simple so that you can create, understand, use and modify them with ease.

A computer is a machine that you program, never forget that, despite all the propaganda that reaches your brain on a daily basis.

1. Programs

Alphabetical order.

All is released in the public domain unless stated otherwise.

2. Some hacks, stuff...

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3. Music

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5. Random stuff

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