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There is no god. There is no value.

I'm happy, Thatcher is dead.

Some stuff

The best program is the one you write.

-1. My GPG key

Modernity! (writing this 2017-12-10)

My GPG key is: E8610311CDD4C51947A662319ED6EDAA1724ABB3

Some notes on gpg usage.

If you want to trust my key, get in touch with me by email. I do not control this website, but I control my key (I hope). So we would need to establish some secure communication channel so that you trust the real me and not some third-party. How to do that properly? I don't know. I don't even control my email. (But neither do you with yours!)

So as of today, that key is practically useless. In the future I intend to use it for people downloading software from here to be sure they downloaded what I put and not something else. I'm not 100% confident that gpg is enough, but it makes the life of "bad entities" harder I'd say, so why not.

0. News

Aug 7, 2018: Oh my, 2018 is already getting old! I just released a musical fragment for the classical guitar. Ah, there is also my composition number 2 on the same page. But I don't like it much to be honest. Of course I still work on compose to write music. At some point in a maybe near future I may well go away from free.fr and host my tiny presence on this crazy network all by myself, on a computer sitting safe at home. Or maybe not. Because I'm lazier than you, whoever you are. But I'm working on it, at a slow pace. I will try to use a mini2440 with a modern linux kernel and write userland programs to do the work (http(s) server, mail, vpn, whatever). TLS is going to be fun. Or not. We'll see. Or not.

Dec 8, 2017: pulseaudionano, that little stinky creature, came out of my brain.

Nov 24, 2017: let's make some noise.

Oct 8, 2017: Woo! A new version of my mini FTP server that works with recursive directories and whatever-filenames. The problem is that FTP does not work with "whatever-filenames". They have to be 7 bits in the basic version and there is an RFC to let it work with UTF8 filenames. What the fuck... A filename is anything but "/" that is used as separator, and also without 0 as it is an end-of-string in C, and live with that. This world is insane. (I am sure some shit committee made it as it is today, for some "vendor neutral" crap shit, because some, say Microsoft, don't deal with filenames as everyone else. Not even sure there is such a thing as "everyone else". Bah, fuck them all. FTP sucks anyway.) (If you don't understand anything you can be proud of yourself, you have a life!)

Apr 17, 2017: chess is there! A graphical program to play against the computer chess program stockfish.

Mar 12, 2017: orangetv 1.6 is there! This version should work much better. (I love copy/paste.) I did not announce 1.5! WHAT? BUT THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL! Wait...

0.5 Simple programs

Those are simple but efficient programs of mine.

All in the public domain.

First category of the website, because this is very important. Programs must be simple so that you can create, understand, use and modify them with ease.

A computer is a machine that you program, never forget that, despite all the propaganda that reaches your brain on a daily basis.

1. Programs

Alphabetical order.

All is released in the public domain unless stated otherwise.

2. Some hacks, stuff...

More or less reverse time order.

3. Music

4. Technical texts

5. Random stuff

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