rubiclox is an implementation of Rubik's clock. Rubik is the creator of the Rubik's cube. There is a rubik's cube implementation too if you want to play with it. The clock is much easier than the cube, though.

This program works under Linux/X-Window. It may work on other OSes than linux, too, but they must be posix I guess. Well, try to build it on your system and send me reports if it worked or not.


The following picture is the game as it appears when you run it.

[image: rubiclox in action]

Here is a (very bad) scan of a picture of the real Rubik's clock, both sides of it. I took it from "Pour La Science", number 139, may 1989. "Pour La science" is the french version of "Scientific American". There is a web site somewhere, go check it on your favorite search engine, I currently (August, 10th) have very bad internet access, so I won't check it by myself. Sorry for it's so small, but the file size is big enough and I don't want my web pages to take 3 hours to download.

[image: the true rubik's clock]

And here follows what happens after some hours of playing it :-) (the computer version of this picture could be "rm -rf /" :-)). (This scan too comes from "Pour La Science", same number.)

[image: a broken rubik's clock]



Read the file README included in the tarball.

Help wanted

In the 2.0.0 release, there is a solver (not very clever, though). So, if you have solutions too, it would be nice to compare our methods, see which one is the fastest, the shortest, the easiest to code, and the like.


My rubik's cube system.

Another puzzle, much easier than Rubik's clock, but nice too.

A crazy "thing", for C coders. It means "International Obfuscate C Code Contest." Simply crazy.


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