This is casse-tete, a little game.

It runs under Linux/X-Window (it may work under other OSes, I don't know, just try, you'll probably need gcc thus).

Very easy to use, use the keyboard, key 'left', 'right' and 'space'. 'escape' to quit. I guess you'll find how to play with it when you'll use it.

The goal is to let all out to the right.



The initial state is like the followig picture.

[image: initial position]

The final state (the one you must reach) is like the following picture.

[image: final position]


Help/errors/the like

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble, any suggestion, any comment.

Yes, the interface is ugly, but it's old stuff and I have other things to do.

In the real life

[image: Spin-Out, the game]

Ed Cranford sent me a link to the product shown above (I won't give any commercial link here, just dig the web to find it). casse-tete exists for real! (By the way, I guess it should not be very hard to build one by yourself.)

A quick search leads me to the following. This game was invented by William Keister. He was inspired by the Chinese rings (picture below). Go here (tested nov. 10, 2005) for some more infos. It appears that there is a trick to solve it faster.

[image: chinese rings]


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