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Thursday, May. 16th 2019

There it is!

[image: full plant with two flowers]

Here is the photo of the inside of the back flower. We see six small yellow "sticks" and one big white one:

[image: inside the back flower]

These "sticks" are probably there for reproduction purpose. Why six yellow and only one white? Male/female thing? Note also that the flowers have six petals.

On the front flower visible in the first photo, the yellow "sticks" are not completely "finished" I'd say, they are not "mature". Here comes a zoom:

[image: zoom of front flower]

Looking carefully at the base of the plant we can see that the flower did not come out between the two leaves, but behind one. This is kind of strange. That plant is getting old maybe:

[image: base of the plant]

How big is this? Here is my hand on top of the flowers. Quite big!

[image: my hand on top of the flowers]

These photos were taken this morning. At the time of writing, in the evening, the flowers are more open and the yellow "sticks" are finished (I would guess they "finish" by getting dry.)

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