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Friday, Jul. 13th 2018

No no, we are not sexist!

[image: a cyclist (male) with two girls around him on the victory podium and a third girl not too far]

You like that ultra-compressed image?

I heard the boss of ASO (the private company that organizes the tour de france) (no capitals for tour because competition sucks) (no capitals for france because that country is one of the worst on this tiny planet) answering those feminazi bitches accusing this event to be sexist because when the guy wins there is this podium shit where some women are here to... I don't really understand what actually. Give some flowers, a shitty present and some kisses apparently, but for what reason, that's not clear.

He said something like: "No we are not sexist. On female races these are guys that play this role. Plus we pay those girls who are often students."

For one: if someone says what you do is offending, then it is offending. Period.

For two: not only are you sexist, but it's even worse. You are homophobic. This ceremony is a sexual congratulations from one sex towards the other. So it's like the guy who wins kind of sexually aroused those women. And the other way around for female cyclists. And, in your head, the aroused person can only be from the other sex (let's forget about people with crazy genetic materials) (and those who had a crazy early life and something didn't go the usual male/female way along this path) (yes all this exists). So you are homophobic, because you cannot ignore that there is a big problem of homophobia today on this crazy planet.

For three: you are a motherfucker business man. You pay those women. Do you expect them to work for free or what?

Go fuck yourself, that'll be the conclusion, for I spent too much time on this already.

You dirty cunt. For I like this kind of insults and I practice as often as I can. (Yes I know it's bad.) (You really read this? Oh. My. God. Get a life!)

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Created: Fri, 13 Jul 2018 19:17:50 +0200
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