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Saturday, Jun. 9th 2018

I don't give a fuck about microsoft buying github

For those of my non-readers who don't know it: microsoft is a private company that sells licenses to people to give them the legal right to use the software they write.

Read carefully the previous paragraph. This is all what microsoft is and nothing else. They got number one in this kind of business by fooling another private company several decades ago into accepting this business model. That other company is called ibm.

Some others of my non-readers, and maybe some of the previous ones, may not know what github is.

This is a private company that has servers connected to the internet where mortals can put projects managed by a system called git, which is supposed to primarily be a way to store the history of a software project and was initiated by the guy who started the linux kernel, Linus Torvalds (shit, I wrote his name).

If you read their terms of service you see that they basically offer no warranty and claim to be non liable to any damage or loss regarding your files stored on their servers.

The other company cited at the beginning of this note has the same kind of policy. So do almost all (if not all) the other private companies involved in this software business shit.

So basically we have some fucking motherfuckers buying the private company of some other fucking motherfuckers.

What the fuck could a cunt obsessed by freedom and how to destroy power structures like me give a tiny fece of fuck about this shitty stinky vomitory news?

I won't insult any of my non-readers with any reply.

Never forget: internet is a trash bin. Do not depend on any part of it to store important data that you create (yeah, I'm still not done with my anger against the assholes of the classic guitar shit vomitory forum).

If you write software (you should, it's fun, technically, philosophically, whateverally) you may want to put your work on github, but never forget that it's basically a stinking toilet (english grammar: go fuck and be fucked by with the french academy, play it like snails, they know how to fuck each others) and that's it.

Thanks for your non-attention, you can go back to your normal activity, like wasting your time to get enough money so that the crappy system imposing us its rules can keep going and going, crushing one human being after the other, invading our brains with powerful ideologies that just reveal how fragile the human cognition is.

Biking was fun today, thanks to non-ask! Motherfucker (I'm in love with this word because of Quincy Jones).

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