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Saturday, May. 5th 2018


[image: someone throwing a flower]

(You like me drawing a rioter throwing a flower? Done with free software! Woo! woo! Revolution!) (Fuck you.)

Some nice funky riot took place the other day in Paris.

I hope no one was hurt.

I hope those who were caught won't pay a too high price.

Of course that was useless. But who cares? That was certainly fun. And that's enough.

Our lives are formatted. We have to behave this or that way. We have to respect abstractions coming from nowhere. Actually not from nowhere. States, capitalism, god, these are human inventions. Some humans benefit from them.

When you're not one of those who benefit from those ideas, what do you have? Not much.

When you are aware that those ideas are human inventions and you don't benefit from them you end up willing things to change. You want to get rid of those ideas. And you face a very strong opposition from those who enjoy the current state of things.

There are many ways to fight the current madness. You can build things and share with others out of any rules imposed by those ideas. You can build societies, or cultures, or sub-cultures, based on other values.

And you can riot, for some pure fun of physical activity that will piss off the power for a little while.

All is good.

Be ready for some reaction though.


After the riot in Paris I listened to some politicians and journalists. It was a very strange feeling. I saw some human beings so, I don't know, weird, disconnected from life, lost in ideology, I don't know. Some kind of feeling of loneliness actually. Sure it's not very friendly to break some windows and burn a few cars. But it's not a big deal. It's just a way to show that you don't agree with a crazy system. That's what it really is. Why can't they just report that. And then if they want they go like "we condemn those actions, this is not a correct way to express your disagreement". Instead of that they kind of took the rioters out of humanity.

You can't do that. This is humanity. Today. We don't agree with your abstract ideas and we try all we can to break them. We are humans. Just like you. We are not out of the game. You cannot talk about us as if you are of some kind and we are of some other.

I don't like you. I don't like politicians, journalists, capitalists, monks, judges, cops, and so many other social roles that some people incarnate with the passion of their madness. But you are humans. This shit is human.

And we can change it.

By a way or another. Maybe riots. Maybe other ways.

All is good to fight the mess.

Ah, yeah, fuck you.

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