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These are external links. Some people create websites, then the websites disappear. I have no control on this. The links may work, they may fail as well...

A very very good website about the ney. On it, you will find lessons ("ney metodu") and scores ("nota arsivi"). It's in turkish, but there are pictures.

It's a Ney workshop in Istanbul. On the site, you can find a lot of Taksim (let's say these are some kind of improvisations, but with some modal rules). Unfortunately, they are stored on a bad server that won't let you download them as you wish. So just try, it may work, it may fail. (Maybe at the time you try to access them they will have been put on a better server. At the time I write this, they are not on a good server.)

This website has some audio samples that you can download. A taksim is some kind of improvisation using a specific makam.

The Egyptian Ney

This website is very good too. It's about the Egyptian ney, but there is a downloadable book (in arabic) which gives pictures of the fingering (which is the same for my turkish ney, as far as I can tell). Check the "Ney Teachers" and then the "Mahmoud Effat" menus.

There is a page that explains how to create a PVC ney. Funny.

The Persian ney

This website is about the Persian ney. Persian ney requires a different mouth's technique than my turkish ney. It's a good website to compare.

This website has a pdf file for the fingering. Here is the link. (It is in the "links" section.)

Heruka's Original Homepage of The Ney

Some historical facts about the ney.

Maqam is the modal system used in classical Arabic music. It may be useful.

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