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Audio samples

My technique is supposed to improve with time. You should hear a difference in the audio samples over time.

The dates come in the reverse temporal order (the most recent comes first).

February, 8th, 2004

2004-02-08.mp3 (508,704 bytes)
This is much better, no? The recording is bad, because the microphone was too close and the air blew in it, making windy noise. Sorry for that. Same interpretation as the previous one, but faster and with various notes.

January, 28th, 2004

2004-01-28.mp3 (235,032 bytes)
The very first recording. Bad technique, bad rhythm, bad vibrato. Everything is bad! but hey, it has been recorded after only four hours of playing (two hours in two days), so that's not so bad.
It is an interpretation of the first exercise in this page (the link was working on 2004-01-29).

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