Monday May 15 2000 16:41:49

This is a dead project. It was fun to code, but xm is much too restrictive and much too hard to use. I think of something easier and with a better quality (my player was sucking a lot). It will be less realtime, but based on samples, something like cubase audio or something. But well, the future will tell...

So, the last release will be 0.0.6, some bugs in there, but well, if you really want a tracker go get soundtracker.

This program is a soundtracker, designed to work under GNU/Linux. It is based on X-window system (Xlib).

A soundtracker is a program used to create music, using samples. We play different samples at the same time, with different frequencies and different effects on it. This comes directly from the demo scene, first starting on amiga, now the PC is well represented on it.

This particular program recognize the xm format.

Problems :
A problem may appear, depending of your configuration. You can have this message when running the program :

or something similar.

To solve this problem, you'll have to edit the file interface/interface.c and replace the fonts' names with others. Dave Phillips (creator of the "linux MIDI and sound applications", see links at the end of the page) did this :

If someone knows what files are needed for this font and how to install them, please tell it to me so I can help people solving this (by now, no time to look for this by myself).

What's new :

Download :
Here you can download it; choose the release you want (the latest is the best, of course) :

Documentation :
And you can find a  documentation on how to use the program.

Screen shots :
I was asked about screen shots. Here it is (0.0.4 release under fvwm).

Links :
Related links about sound under linux, soundtracker :

Hope you'll enjoy using this program as much as i enjoyed making it.

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