Xgprof - a faster gprof with a nice GUI

[image: xgprof - the application's window]

Here is xgprof, a faster gprof with a nice GUI.

It is much faster than gprof. For example I had a program for which gprof needs 10 minutes to analyze the gmon.out stuff and where xgprof only takes 10 seconds.

The GUI has been written using the powerful gtkcooker GUI language, an abstract GUI language made (by me) on top of the low-level GTK+ stuff.

It is released in the public domain (freedom has no license).


Don't remember when, 2007, or maybe 2008.
More improvements in the GUI, provided by Enrico Segre (dig the web to get his contact, he might still be at the Weizmann Institute).

Ah, fuck! In help.c, lines 26 and 28, the last two 0 in the string should be NULL for good behavior on 64b hosts. Fuck myself.

Don't remember when, 2007.
Some improvements in the GUI.

October, 13th, 2007.
The initial release. It has bugs (the C++ demangler is not finished, it has not been tested on big endian hosts, the GUI may be improved, ...).


Just do make and move the file xgprof where you want. If problems, contact me.


Obvious for anyone who uses gprof.

There is an online documentation that explains everything. Just click the Help button in the application.

Contact: sed@free.fr

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