Some exercises to test/improve your sight reading.

2015-07-28: the best way to learn the notes on the guitar is to pick up your instrument and play a C on string 6, then a C on string 5, ... then a C on string 1. And then a D on string 6, ... Then you start again but from string 1 down to string 6. Do it five minutes a day and you're done in three months or even less, depending on your age and your daily occupations. This exercise (the loop) may be used, but you really should practice with just your guitar and the names of the notes in your head. You also need to spend some time every day playing unknown pieces. You don't need to play them perfectly, but you should hear the music that you play. Better to have pieces with no fingering for better results. Remember when you were a kid and you learned how to read? It's the same process. The key point is to hear the music, to "feel" it. If you don't hear a piece but just a succession of notes, then practice more, you're not there yet. It's like when the teacher asked "so what color was the plate the little girl had in her hands?" after you finished reading something and you have no idea what she's talking about. "What little girl? Was there a little girl in this text?" The same with music.
Computer programs are useless.

The notes (for IE): name the note.

The fretboard 1 (for IE): find the note on the guitar.

The fretboard 2 (for IE): find the note on the staff.
(IE version seems buggy, try that)

Daily practice: 300 questions, organized by categories. Results given at the end. No IE version. (Maybe that works with recent IE, for what I care...)

Offline version.

I wrote (2014-05-06) an X11/cairo/posix (think linux) version that also appears to work with android.

sight-1.1.tar.gz [2014-05-07]

sight-1.0.tar.gz [2014-05-06]

Version 1.1 fixes a little bug in android (I hope).

There is only one exercise in this one. You must name the note and then put it on the fretboard. You can click/tap on "DoReMi" to have "ABC" instead. Under android you can move/rotate the guitar with two fingers (multi-touch).

Screenshots under X11:

[image: screenshot 1]

[image: screenshot 1]

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