[Image: scrabble's board]

Some tools to have fun with scrabble games. Classical scrabble (french, english). Some variations (currently only kelimelik).

Public domain stuff.

Game solver

scrabble-0.3.tar.gz (2013-12-05)
scrabble-0.2.tar.gz (2013-11-22)
scrabble-0.1.tar.gz (2013-10-02)

You need a dictionary too. (For french, use ODS6.txt.)

Here is a collection, collected from here and there.
Included are:

Kelimelik hacks

I was bored to have to play with the android device. So I automated things.

kelimelik-0.1.tar.gz has a command line client for the kelimelik game and a bot that plays on its own. As of 2013-11-22 it played 220 games and won 204 (lost 16) (my nickname in the game is sedsedsed). Reasonably good.

There are bugs. The bot never swaps, only skips if it can't play. I lost a game once because of that.

kelimelik-0.2.tar.gz (2013-12-05) is much better! To compile it, you need cairo, X11, and libsndfile. It needs scrabble 0.3 so to play as far as possible from the star, as some kind of mini-strategy. And there is a logging mechanism so that you can replay games. And you can create PDF files of those replays! And there is an interactive GUI that looks like the following image.

[image: the replay GUI]

As of 2013-12-05 my bot played 673 games and won 628.

All this may fail to work. I had to reverse-engine the protocol. Things may change with time.

kelimelik-analysis.tar.gz has some technical informations on the game (read also the sources of the command line client).

That was fun to analyze and understand.


(Those files are in UTF-8 if you see weird characters.)


AZSPCS contest

azspcs.tar.xz: raw dump of my working directories.


a raw dump of my work on the contest:

I finished 16 (C├ędric Roux). Lame. I spent too much time on that
thing for such a bad result.

no doc, no nothing, good luck.

run stuff in contest/05.2.forced.cut.J
that's the thing I'm the most proud of

there is also a GUI stuff in contest/manual, funny
(full of bugs)


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