3D Rubik's clock in javascript

2014-04-08: I changed the function init_screen in screen.js, the commented code didn't work anymore.

Click somewhere and move the mouse to 3D-rotate the clock.
Move over a button or a corner's clock to activate it. You can then click it.

Some shortcuts:

Yeah, it's slow (speaking end of august, 2008). Wait some months/years, some cunts work hard on faster javascript engines.

Technical details? Come on... (Ok, just to say the 3D is all is software, texture mapping made by my hands, that's why it's so ugly and why at some angles the controls are not easily clickable.)

DIV version (should work with Internet Explorer; much more slower).

History of the coding of this stuff. 2D, then 3D, then the mouse, then some optimizing...

Contact: sed@free.fr

Created: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:03:47 +0200
Last update: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 16:03:07 +0200

Valid? (No. It works with firefox 2. Maybe not with other browsers. Who cares...)