A little audio player. It uses ffmpeg to decode any file that contains audio data. It plays through ALSA (OSS too, but last time I used the OSS backend was so long ago that I wouldn't bet a turkish lira on it).


You know VLC, don't you?

VLC is:

So that's why. I just need something to play audio files contained in directories, in the order given in a playlist. VLC just isn't the beast for the task.

I want something that says what file is played, at what position in time, something I can stop as quickly as a ctrl+z, something that has an equalizer tuned to my needs, and also something to bypass silence if I ask it to do so.

That's what I did. That's what you find here.




C code, you need the alsa dev package if you're into these things. Edit the Makefile, some stuff in there is just for me. Lazy me. Just a hack after all... Type 'make' and put 'play' wherever you want.

Then do: ls /some/dir | ./play -
Or: ./play PLAYLIST
And get the stuff in your ears.

You may want to change stuff like removing/setting the equalizer (tuned for my ears, see eq.c, variable eqz_preset_fullbass_10b).

Legal shit

Public domain stuff. Well, I technically stole some code from VLC for the equalizer, so not really public domain. But you know, I am a jerk, a nerd, a punk, so I don't care that much about law.


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