oa is a toy I needed to experiment with some wave-forms. I was trying to produce some "ooo" and "aaa" sound, like what do some guitarists with some pedals, so I made this program to help me doing this.

I like it so much I decided to release it! even if it is only a toy.

It works with Linux (for the sound) and X-Window (for the interface).

You can use it very quickly, I think the interface is obvious.

Try to have some wave-forms that will procude realistic "ooo" and "aaa" and send the oa data files to me!

You even can save what you do to a wav file. If you produce one, put it somewhere I could download it and send me a mail (sed@free.fr). You can do crazy things, really, like some people do with their wonderful "electro-acoustical music."

This is released in the public domain.



Well, the interface is very big (1024x868), so there are two screenshots, one you surely can read in jpeg format but a big file, maybe long to download oa.jpg (48804 bytes) and one in png format, smaller, but old browsers won't read it (for example, on my host I have netscape 3.0 which does not read this file) oa.png (8966 bytes).


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