All is released in the public domain.

[compose] links to a file you can open using compose, my little program to study/write music.
[image] links to an image of the sheet music.
[audio] links to an audio file.
[lilypond] links to a LilyPond file.
[PDF] links to a PDF file, produced from the LilyPond version.


Released: 2016, october 24.

[compose] [image] [audio]
And thanks to Schneider from this forum (with some modifications): [lilypond] [PDF] [PDF (TAB)]

Interpretation sucks. Plus there is a wrong note in there. Second line first chord: mi naturel is played bémol; it's no big deal because we are in fa mineur and we will go back to do mineur, but still it should be mi naturel. I should redo it when less stressed.


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