LTP 3 Sed's demo

This is my production for the ltp3.

To compile the source, you need nasm, gcc and as (and make). Gnu does it all except nasm. You can get nasm here. You need libpng (and so zlib, because libpng uses zlib) and svgalib (and of course X window). It's better with sound, so any sound-card with oss for example is ok (it must be able to do 44100 Hz 16b).

A binary is provided, builded on a pentium. It's a static so it should run on your system.

The demo runs under svgalib in 320x200x256, so it _MUST_ work on your system. Under X, you need a 8 bpp server (under a 16, 24, 32 or something else screen, it won't work).

The program will take the graphs from "./graphs" and the sound from "./sound", so if it says "file xxx not found" check that you are in the right place before to contact me (or contact me anyway, receiving mail is nice).

This production was fun to do, that's the essential.

It's public domain.

I must thank Cyg/Blabla for his article about bi-linear interpolation (find it here, in french, sorry for no french reading people, a rewrite can be found in the sources in the file interpolate.asm).

Enjoy making demos. Keep the free spirit of the scene.


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