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Khoomei is a collection of vocal techniques. We can distinguish sygyt, kargyraa, borbanngadyr, and others too. In this site, I will try to help people sing khoomei, based on my own experiments with it. To learn more about the different existing techniques, where all this comes from, etc., see the links page.

I am not a khoomei specialist, just a curious amateur. My goal is not to be the perfect teacher. Khoomei requires time, as you must use your voice in a way which is probably not familiar (I suppose most of the readers of this page come from western countries, there are places of this world where young people, mainly boys, learn khoomei from their youngest age). So, the best way to be a good khoomei singer is to practice. There is no mystery, no magic behind it. Only one word: practice.

You will find here tips and tricks, directions, tries of my own. I hope they will be of some help to some of you. You will not find pure khoomei. My goal is to show you possible paths that lead to khoomei, not khoomei itself.

Some khoomei techniques may damage your voice when badly practiced, which may especially be the case when you start. Don't pratice too much or too loud. If you have a sore throat after practicing khoomei, I highly urge you to consult a physician.

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