freenode - a little 'proxy' to connect to with any IRC client


The title says it all. You are in places where the only network access is the web. The port 6667 is closed. You can chat on IRC by using your browser. But you prefer an IRC client (xchat for example). The IRC client only speaks IRC. Let's pretend localhost:6667 is an IRC server.

That's what freenode does. It waits for some IRC client on localhost, port 6667 and will do the interface with (Note: if https does not work for you, modify the source and replace all the https by http.)

Note that's it's a hack. At the time of reading this webpage things may have changed from the time it was written. It may completely fail to work. Get in touch. If time allows I'll fix things.

Note also that only xchat has been tested. Other clients may fail to work. It's a hack...


This is public domain.

freenode-0.2.tar.gz (2012-04-17) freenode URLs have changed. Also we pass through https.

freenode-0.1.tar.gz (2011-07-04) Initial release.


http(s):// is a web server, running a thing called qwebirc. I don't think it would be hard to adapt freenode to connect to any qwebirc server out there. Exercise for the reader.


Created: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 14:01:08 +0200
Last update: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 11:51:09 +0200