Demo ?

Hey ! Don't you think it's crazy ?

Yes, i've done some demos. In fact, two intros, one release at the ltp2, a french party, and one at the wired98, the last wired.

At the ltp2, there were only twos entries, so i was second, at the wired98, much more entries, so i finished sixth (almost the last, but not, damned).

Both of them were running under GNU/linux with sound (OSS). Here are the sources :

And i am very proud to show you my very first intro, under dos, with sound for the soundblaster, and compatible cards (sources and a binary is included).

Hey ! I was looking my hd, and i found two little things very crazy. It works under dos, the first is in text mode, the second in 320x200x256. There are some texts, in french. Of course, there are much better things here and there.
I'll give you two places where you can go : Go see the site of a friend of mine who is very involved in demo making, Hulud (in french) and Orange Juice, a site dedicated to demos.
Contact :
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