chat - a secure underground one to one chat system

[image: a screenshot of the program]
(On your computer, the program may use other colors, I configured gtk for my screen to look dark.)


This is a little GUI program to chat between two people in realtime.

Underground: subvert existing HTTP based chat systems.
Secure: AES encryption.
One to one: talk with the one you love. She reads what you write. You read what she writes. No one else understands what you send to each other.


This is public domain. (Well, I stole some code from the internet for the aes, sha and md5, so legally it's not public domain. I don't care about laws.)

chat-0.4.tar.gz (win32) (2011-07-08) A rewrite of the threading stuff, much cleaner. As a consequence, 'mathim' backend does not work anymore.

chat-0.3.tar.gz (2011-05-23) A "clear" button added.

chat-0.2.tar.gz (2011-02-24) A lot of improvements.

chat-0.1.tar.gz (2011-02-04) Initial release.

For Windows

Unzip wherever you want. Edit config.txt to adjust settings. Click on chat.bat. Get the sources for more documentation. Or ask me in case of problem.

In config.txt, you must change the keys. One person must set personality to 2. Other things may have to be changed. Well, get in touch.


AES in CBC mode. Three blocks per message. The IV changes for each message. As long as AES is secure the chat is secure (ie. no one can read the clear messages). Oh, AES 256, yes.

Read the source for details.

People will know that you communicate, the amount of communication you have, but won't read what you say. So if you must protect against this kind of leakage of information, some adaptation is necessary, like sending random data all the time.

Well, I just needed something to send messages to one person and to have her and only her able to read them. I don't care about other issues.

Anyway, get inspired, write your own. The best program is the one you write.


Created: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 15:04:27 +0100
Last update: Fri, 08 Jul 2011 15:02:38 +0200