A little tool to visualize big audio files (think many hours long) (works with small files too). May evolve to meet the initial goal of handling regions.

Needs libsndfile, jack, alsa, X11.

Public domain stuff.

audiotag-0.6.tar.gz (2015-09-13) (the display was wrong sometimes with small files, I hope it's okay now; realtime issues...) (the fix might be wrong, I'll see with time, maybe there is too much flickering now, I personally don't mind, bah who cares)
audiotag-0.5.tar.gz (2013-10-19)
audiotag-0.4.tar.gz (2013-09-24)
audiotag-0.2.tar.gz (2013-01-22)
audiotag-0.1.tar.gz (2013-01-16)

[Image: audiotag 0.1]


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