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(You like green?)

I won an Archos G9 tablet PC in a programming contest. Here are some programs working on that machine (android 4.0 something). They may also work on other android-based computers. Or not. Just try.

Everything here is released in the public domain.

No, I'm not on the google play stuff. I won't pay 25 dollars to release free programs for a computer I didn't even buy...

If something does not work or if you don't understand something, contact me.

How to install

(Maybe you can download directly with the android computer, I didn't try.)

Download the android SDK, dig for the program "adb" in it.

Then, to install the binary, put the android computer in USB debug mode (see in the Settings menu, in Applications), connect it to the real computer and do:

adb install file.apk

Failed? Contact me.

You can also compile from source code, explained for each project.


pong 1.0 (sources) (2012-04-12)

[image: pong]

To compile, you need "ant" and the sun JDK. The SDK directories (under linux for me) "android-sdk-linux/tools" and "android-sdk-linux/platform-tools" must be in the PATH, like the JDK bin ("jdk1.6.0_31/bin" for me). Do:

tar xf pong-1.0.tar.gz
cd pong-1.0
android update project -p .
ant debug

You have "bin/Pong-debug.apk" that you can install on your android computer.

Failed? Contact me.


tuner 0.1 (sources) (compiled libs) (2012-09-05)
(compiled libraries are fftw 3.3.2 and freetype 2.4.10)

[image: tuner]

[image: tuner screen shot]

To compile, read README in the sources.

Icon by Lorenzo "Icon" Sutton.


Where to find free software for android:
- F-Droid


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